It’s the rainy season and everyone is starting to get a little greener.. and a little taller! This flush of growth means that Spring is here. It also means it’s lawn mowing season! Did you know that your lawn and grass growth can grow up to 3-6 inches in a week? It’s true! And we’re here to help.

The grass is loving all this rain and growing much faster than earlier in the season. If you look closely you would see everything from crabgrass, purple and white flowers, clover and grass are all fighting over their place in the sun this Spring. We of course are hoping that the grass wins this war, but to ensure that, there are some steps you can take.

Soil preparation & sowing: Preparing your soil before you plant grass seed ensures optimum growing conditions for any type of grass. By tilling through the soil, you remove large clumps of unwanted roots and dirt. After planting the new grass by land or with a broadcast spreader, you should be sure to rake the grass seed in to their soil at about 1/16 to 1/8inches in depth. Once it’s deep enough into the soil, you can cover up the seed with fresh mulch or pine needle to ensure it retains moisture and avoids being a buffet for the local birds!

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