Where it all started….

The company was actually started by my dad, over 15 years ago as something that maybe would allow me to earn money as a teenager. We called it Blake’s Lawn Service.

I started out as a kid, with a riding lawn mower, a small garden trailer connected to it that allowed me to haul my push mower, blower, and weed eater. At one time, I had 75% of the houses in our subdivision as customers. As I got older, and purchased my first vehicle, my trailer got bigger, and I started to advertise my services all over Knoxville. When I graduated from Bearden High School , my father invested more time and money, and we purchased a Truck, a bigger trailer, and commercial mowing equipment.

In 2008, we purchased a Landscaping business from a friend that was moving to Texas. This was the start of Quick Cuts Lawn Service.

Today, we have grown the business into something that is truly my lively hood. We offer Mowing, Trimming, mulching, flower bed maintenance, Leaf removal, and light landscaping. It is still truly a family business, as my mom, Nancy works the office and phones, and sets up all schedules.