With summer heat arriving, your grass could quickly turn from green to brown. Lawn maintenance is crucial in the summer to keep your lawn green and healthy. Below are 4 tips to keep your lawn fresh and green during the heat of the summer:

  1. Mow High

Mowing high helps your grass by shading the soil and keeping it cool during the heat. Mowing high keeps the roots of your lawn long, so it can reach as much moisture as it needs. If your lawn is growing fast, keep it high, but cut it more often than usual. You can also water it less because of the shade it will be getting.

  1. Sharpen Your Blades

Over time, your blades will become dull, meaning that it will tear your grass. By sharpening your blades, you will be able to maintain a clean cut to keep your yard looking fresh.

  1. Feed Regularly

Feeding at the start of summer helps strengthen your lawn to withstand the heat. Every few weeks, you can replenish your lawn by feeding it again, keeping less weeds, and cooler soil. A lawn that is well fed perfectly helps handle the heat of the summer.

  1. Watering

To water your lawn properly you need to make sure it goes deep. By mowing high, from the previous step, you will not have to water your lawn as much. However, you still need to water deep and infrequently. If you do the opposite, such as shallow and frequent watering, it can cause stress on your grass. It also causes shorter roots to grow over time. The best time to do your watering should be in the morning, as it provides the most efficient amount of water to be absorbed throughout the day. If you water in the middle of the day, you will see it can be ineffective because the water can evaporate before it can be absorbed by plants.

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