It’s getting colder outside, the leaves are changing, and winter is quickly approaching. As trees begin to lose their leaves, you might be wondering if you should rake the leaves in your yard. Consider hiring a professional lawn service or commercial lawn service to help you prepare your yard for winter. While you should definitely remove the leaves, here are three alternatives to raking the leaves in your yard:

Mowing over the leaves
When most leaves have fallen and are dry, mow over them. Mowing the leaves chops them into small, tiny pieces that can protect the grass. This also naturally fertilizes your lawn.

Turn your leaves into mulch
Fallen leaves make the perfect material for mulch. Once chopped leaves are bagged up, take them and dump them around your trees and garden beds to add a natural fertilizer to the soil.

Compost the leaves
Whether you decide to rake, blow, mow, or just leave the leaves on the ground, you should consider bagging them up and adding to your compost pile. With the right amount of moisture and other organic material, you can create a great compost pile.

You always have the option of leaving the leaves in your lawn, but sometimes that suffocates the grass underneath. If left all winter, this could turn the grass brown and leave dead spots throughout your lawn. Consider one of these options above to get rid of leaves and have a healthy lawn in the spring!

Raking the leaves can be a hassle, but the experts at Quick Cuts Lawn Service in Knoxville, Tennessee can help. We work on private and commercial properties to provide full commercial lawn service such as mowing, trimming, mulching, leaf removal, and aerating. Contact us today at (865)-804-9988 for a free quote. We’d love to help you make your home or commercial lawn look brand new!