New Frame Creative is a Knoxville based full service marketing company that after six years of business, just got their first commercial building!

With that being said, owning is different from renting in a lot of ways… First things first, who’s going to mow every week to ensure the grass looks well groomed and cared for? Who’s going to trim the bushes to ensure they keep their shape?

While New Frame Creative does have a team on five full time employees, none of those employees have the time to do their jobs AND maintain the appearance of their new front and back yard (over 2 acres in total). That’s where our team here at Quick Cuts come in!

At Quick Cuts Lawn Care & Maintenance, we know your organization doesn’t have the time to do all the things that keep a commercial building looking pristine and up to par. That’s why our team is just a phone call away from being able to do weekly, bi-weekly or monthly lawn moving, landscaping, lawn maintenance and more to your commercial property.

Greg Adkins, owner and founder of New Frame Creative, says, “Having a crew who shows up on time, does good work and doesn’t need me to oversee them to ensure they do great work is essential. I want the front and back of our new property to be a positive reflection of my business and the work we do. If the landscaping and grass looks bad, my business looks bad.”

We’re here to ensure that you’re commercial landscaping and lawn mowing is done well and often! Call us today or request for a free quote here to learn more about the services we offer and our availability. We look forward to learning more about your business and needs! Want to learn more about us before getting started? Our reviews on Google say it best.