With summer winding down and fall just around the corner, your yard will start to fade from a bright green to brown. The best way to have a bright green yard in the spring is to take great care of it in the fall. Many homeowners neglect their yards after summer is over, which is why the grass doesn’t look its best the following summer. Here are 4 fall lawn care tips for any homeowner:

  1. Remove all leaves

A yard full of leaves may look fun and festive, but leaving those leaves in your yard isn’t good for your grass. They can block and trap sunlight and moisture, and potentially leave thin spots of grass in your yard. When leaves start to fall, it’s best to blow or rake them away as often as you can. If you don’t, the grass underneath will be soggy and dead by spring.

  1. Continue to mow

Even though your grass may not be growing as fast, it’s best to keep mowing it to your regular height. Mowing also gets rid of extra leaves you may have forgotten while raking your yard.

  1. Water your lawn

If your lawn isn’t getting at least an inch of water a week during the fall, it’s best to keep watering it until winter. This will keep grass roots hydrated and healthy going into the winter.

  1. Loosen the dirt in your yard

Aeration once every few years will help your fertilizer reach to the roots where it can help your grass grow.

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